Rock Wall Below A Wooden Fence

Date: 10/28/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Image of a rock wall below a wooden slatted fence in Romania.Continue reading


Wheels Displayed On the Exterior Of A Romanian Barn

Date: 10/28/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Image of wheels displayed on an exterior wall of a Romanian barn.Continue reading

Aerial Of A Road Bordered By A Stone Wall

Date: 1/15/18     Credit: RockHouse Images
High aerials of stone walls bordering back roads lining barren winter landscape in Scotland.Continue reading


Berlin Wall Memorial

Date: 8/2/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Close-up view of the victims from the Berlin Wall commemorated with a memorial. Continue reading


Berlin Wall

Date: 8/5/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Angled view of the Berlin wall in Germany on an overcast day. Continue reading

Man Cycling Through Hamhung

Date: 9/14/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
Man riding his bike beside a plain, concrete wall in Hamhung, North Korea.Continue reading

Tower Remains of 9/11/01

Date: 9/12/01     Credit: RockHouse Images
Zoom-in shot of the leftover wall of the destroyed WTC a few weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Background sound.Continue reading