Flooded Streets From Hurricane Harvey

Date: 8/28/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
Panning around a Houston neighborhood with flooded streets from Hurricane Harvey.Continue reading

Flooded Houston Neighborhood

Date: 08/28/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
Walking in a flooded neighborhood street in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey on 8/28/17. Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey Flooded Houston Neighborhood

Date: 8/28/17     Credit: RHI News Agency
Walking through a flooded neighborhood of family homes in Houston, TX after Hurricane Harvey on 8/28/17. Continue reading

9/11 Firefighters Survey NYC Streets

Date: 9/11/01     Credit: RockHouse Images
Firefighters walking through debris on the street carrying a fire hose. Man standing on Liberty St. as ash and debris fall all around him on 9/11/01.Continue reading


Paris Skyline

Date: 6/6/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
Wide shot of the Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower in the center. Continue reading

1997 NYC Street

Date: 9/14/97     Credit: RockHouse Images
Panning shot from office buildings to people walking down a NYC street in 1997.Continue reading

Flooded Bus in South Korea

Date: 10/5/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Shocking footage from the inside of a bus traveling through flooded streets in South Korea.Continue reading