Brave Nurse Escapes Fires

Date: 11/08/18     Credit: RockHouse Images
A nurse that was trapped within the raging fires that spread through Paradise, California miraculously escapes during a close call with the wild flames. Continue reading

Bride Rescued from Flood

Date: 8/11/19     Credit: RockHouse Images
Footage from the Bogota Police Department of their rescue of a bride stuck inside her limousine after flood waters quickly surrounded them in Bogota, NJ. Continue reading

New Jersey Bride Rescued from Limousine After Flash Flood

Date: 08/11/18     Credit: RockHouse Images
A newlywed had to be rescued from her limousine during a torrential downpour in Bogota, New Jersey which caused major flooding in the streets. Continue reading

Wildfires Spread Consuming Neighborhoods in Santa Rosa

Date: 10/8/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
Smoke rises from the catastrophic damage left by the fires that ravaged neighborhoods in Santa Rosa. The fires destroyed 5% of Santa Rosa’s housing leaving many residents displaced. Aerial footage captures homes that continue to burn while their neighboring buildings lie completely demolished.Continue reading


Hurricane Irma Looms Over Puerto Rico

Date: 9/6/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
The looming darkness casts a terrifying shadow over Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma begins to make its presence known to the residents of the island. Puerto Rico lies in the direct path of the Category 5 monstrous storm. Continue reading


La Tuna Canyon Fire

Date: 9/2/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
A raging fire threatens to consume neighborhoods in the La Tuna Canyon as a fire that was seemingly contained grew to rage over 2,000 acres. Aided by the continuous warm weather and a windy day...Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey Devastation in Houston, TX

Date: 8/27/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
The heavily flooded streets in Houston can only be voyaged with small boats following the days of continuous rain as Hurricane Harvey plummeted through Texas’ Gulf Coast. Thousands of people were left trapped within their homes as the floodwaters rose to unprecedented heights.Continue reading


Hurricane Matthew Sweeps Through Charleston

Date: 10/11/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
The path of destruction carved by Hurricane Matthew in Charleston, South Carolina can clearly be seen in its aftermath. It made its way through Haiti then Florida to arrive diminished yet still in a powerful rage to the historic coastal city.Continue reading


Floods Hit Baton Rouge

Date: 9/5/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Storm clouds continue to threaten a downpour over a devastated neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A debris-lined street braces itself for the potential of more rain, which has already caused unprecedented floods in the area.Continue reading