North Korean Citizens Bowing at Statue

Date: 5/16/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
North Korean citizens bowing to a larger than life bronze statue of Kim Il Sung at the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang. Continue reading

Billboard at Mount Kumgang

Date: 5/1/10     Credit: RockHouse Images
Billboard at the Mount Kumgang resort demonstrating what the complex would have looked like if the North and South Korean joint venture would have continued.Continue reading

Propaganda Fresco in Hamhung

Date: 9/11/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
Proaganda fresco near the Majon Beachfront Holiday Cottages in Hamhung, North Korea.Continue reading

Propaganda Signage on the Side of a Building

Date: 9/11/12     Credit: RHI News Agency
Man riding a bicycle past more propaganda signage outside the Hungnam Fertilizer Plant in North Korea.Continue reading

North Korean Classroom Artwork

Date: 5/1/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
A close-up view showcases the artwork found in a North Korean classroom. Continue reading