Nicely Landscaped Highway

Date: 5/2/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
A couple of pedestrians cross a large highway nestled in North Korea's countryside. The highway is well taken care of and nicely landscaped. No cars pass by. Continue reading

Soldiers Stand Guard

Date: 5/1/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
Soldiers stand guard outside the Gift Museum complex at the International Friendship Exhibition in Myohangsan in the North Pyongan Province in North Korea. Continue reading

Dutiful North Korean Factory Workers

Date: 5/1/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
An inside look inside a North Korean factory showcases a group of hard working natives. They linger around a large machine as they work while trying to ignore the camera.Continue reading

Transportation in North Korea

Date: 5/1/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
A touring bus drives past a group of parked trucks on the side of a countryside road in North Korea. There are workers standing on the side of the road alongside the parked trucks.Continue reading