Toilet Trained Siamese Cat!

Date: 1/1/02     Credit: RockHouse Images
A clever siamese cat is caught in the act! This very well trained pet balances at the edge of the toilet as he completes his business into the bowl. Continue reading

Zip Line Fail in Poland!

Date: 5/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
What should have been a fun ride over the natural landscape found in Poland ended abruptly as a woman crashes against the landing platform at the end of her zip line ride. Continue reading

Gate Arm Accident

Date: 9/10/18     Credit: RockHouse Images
Man gets hit in the head by gate arm.Continue reading

Woman Dances Out of Beat

Date: 1/1/13     Credit: RockHouse Images
A woman in a Zumba dance class falls out of sync with the rest of the class. Continue reading

Dancing Boxer Workout

Date: 3/1/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
A boxer starts dancing when his owner begins her workout.Continue reading

Underwater Shark Wedding

Date: 1/5/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
A couple gets married underwater with sharks.Continue reading

Teen Falls Off Dirt Bike

Date: 1/7/08     Credit: RockHouse Images
Teen falls off a dirt bike while attempting a burnout on her first ride. Continue reading

Robot Soccer Fail

Date: 9/3/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A robot falls over after attempting to kick a ball on an indoor soccer field. Continue reading

Plane at Saint Maarten

Date: 2/12/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A crowd of people cling to a chain link fence in Saint Maarten as winds from an airplane engine blow across the beach.Continue reading

Hilarious Reaction to Slingshot Ride

Date: 5/22/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Two mens hilarious reaction to riding a slingshot ride (with sound).Continue reading

Tiny Shark Attack

Date: 8/1/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
A small shark bites a divers wetsuit and doesn't let go.Continue reading

Jerk Cat Terrorizes Family Dog

Date: 1/1/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Hamilton the cat traps the family dog in the bathroom not allowing him to leave. Continue reading

Close Call Shark Encounter

Date: 2/1/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
Two men jump off a boat not realizing there is a shark in the water.Continue reading

Man Fails at Trampoline Pool Jump

Date: 10/7/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
A young man attempts to jump from a trampoline into a pool, but fails.Continue reading

Cranberry Sauce Arranged to Music

Date: 11/1/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
Sounds of cranberry sauce arranged to classical music.Continue reading

Train Platform Fail

Date: 10/5/13     Credit: RockHouse Images
Man attempts to jump over train tracks from one platform to another, but fails. Continue reading

Shark Steals Lion Fish

Date: 1/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A shark steals a Lion Fish from a scuba diver off the coast of Columbia. Continue reading

Jumping Off Roof Fail

Date: 11/4/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
A young man breaks the edge of roof while jumping into a pool. Continue reading

Dog Races Shark

Date: 1/28/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Bella the dog plays in the surf with sharks in Tahiti. The dog and shark race along the shoreline. Continue reading

Ice Bucket Bicycle Challenge

Date: 8/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A ground of kids attempt an Ice Bucket Challenge that ends in disaster. Continue reading

Alligator Steals Fish

Date: 5/5/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
An alligator steals a fish from man's fishing rod. Man filming an episode of his fishing series is caught by surprise when a hungry alligator steals his catch. Continue reading