Zip Line Fail in Poland!

Date: 5/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
What should have been a fun ride over the natural landscape found in Poland ended abruptly as a woman crashes against the landing platform at the end of her zip line ride. Continue reading

Motorcycle Flies Towards Unsuspecting Rider

Date: 5/1/13     Credit: RockHouse Images
A motorcycle flies toward another bike rider during an off road ride in the forest.Continue reading

Cliff Jump Fail

Date: 5/25/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
Man attempts a cliff jump dive into a lake, but fails and on the rocks and into the water. Continue reading

Teen Falls Off Dirt Bike

Date: 1/7/08     Credit: RockHouse Images
Teen falls off a dirt bike while attempting a burnout on her first ride. Continue reading

Robot Soccer Fail

Date: 9/3/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A robot falls over after attempting to kick a ball on an indoor soccer field. Continue reading

Plane at Saint Maarten

Date: 2/12/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A crowd of people cling to a chain link fence in Saint Maarten as winds from an airplane engine blow across the beach.Continue reading

Man Fails at Trampoline Pool Jump

Date: 10/7/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
A young man attempts to jump from a trampoline into a pool, but fails.Continue reading

Train Platform Fail

Date: 10/5/13     Credit: RockHouse Images
Man attempts to jump over train tracks from one platform to another, but fails. Continue reading

Shark Steals Lion Fish

Date: 1/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A shark steals a Lion Fish from a scuba diver off the coast of Columbia. Continue reading

Jumping Off Roof Fail

Date: 11/4/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
A young man breaks the edge of roof while jumping into a pool. Continue reading

Ice Bucket Bicycle Challenge

Date: 8/1/14     Credit: RockHouse Images
A ground of kids attempt an Ice Bucket Challenge that ends in disaster. Continue reading

Alligator Steals Fish

Date: 5/5/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
An alligator steals a fish from man's fishing rod. Man filming an episode of his fishing series is caught by surprise when a hungry alligator steals his catch. Continue reading