Aerial Of Two Dogs Playing On A Beach

Date: 11/18/16     Credit: RHI News Agency
Aerial above two dogs running around and playing on the beach.Continue reading

Stray Dogs in North Korea

Date: 5/1/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
Shot of a group of stray dogs hanging around outside of a building. Continue reading

Jerk Cat Terrorizes Family Dog

Date: 1/1/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Hamilton the cat traps the family dog in the bathroom not allowing him to leave. Continue reading

Dog Races Shark

Date: 1/28/16     Credit: RockHouse Images
Bella the dog plays in the surf with sharks in Tahiti. The dog and shark race along the shoreline. Continue reading

Dog vs. Shark

Date: 4/28/12     Credit: RockHouse Images
Dog vs. Shark! A dog jumps off a boat and into the water in an attempt to catch a shark caught on a fishing line. Continue reading