North Korean Citizens Bowing at Statue

Date: 5/16/09     Credit: RockHouse Images
North Korean citizens bowing to a larger than life bronze statue of Kim Il Sung at the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang. Continue reading

North Korean Soldiers Sweeping Puddles

Date: 4/27/17     Credit: RockHouse Images
North Korean workers sweeping puddles off an empty highway in North Korea. Continue reading

Workers Repair North Korean Road

Date: 9/10/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
Workers repairing the street in Pyongyang, North Korea.Continue reading

Young North Korean Soldiers

Date: 9/15/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
Young North Korean soldiers walking down a main road in Hamhung and other people in the wide streets virtually empty of cars.Continue reading

Taking a Break Under Propaganda Sign

Date: 9/14/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
North Korean citizens taking a break under a propaganda billboard promoting North Korea.Continue reading

Men Repair a Truck in North Korea

Date: 9/13/11     Credit: RockHouse Images
Male North Korean citizens repairing a truck in Kaesong, North Korea.Continue reading

North Korean Traffic Lady

Date: 9/9/15     Credit: RockHouse Images
Traffic lady in Pyongyang, North Korea, moving like a robot in the middle of a large intersection. Crossing the street through a subterranean underpass with other North Koreans. Narration by shooter.Continue reading